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Comprehensive Eye Exam & Fast Glasses Adjustment

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Test Your Eyesight

Make sure your prescription is up-to-date by scheduling regular eye exams throughout your life. I also offer sports vision training and eye exercises to correct or strengthen your vision.

Choose Your Frames

Dr. Adam Jaffe O.D. provides prescription glasses and contact lenses that fit your unique vision. Find your new frames and customize your lenses with transitions or bifocals.

The Optometric Extension Program Foundation
New York State Optometric Association
American Optometric Association

Learn about Dr. Adam Jaffe O.D.

Check your vision with a thorough eye exam performed by Dr. Adam Jaffe O.D. Come to my office in Canton, New York, for an exam or glasses adjustment. As an optometrist with more than 25 years of experience, I provide low-vision exams and vision training exercises for children and adults of all ages.

After your exam, I help you find the perfect frames for your new glasses, whether you need bifocals or transitions, even contact lenses. If your current frames have been damaged or need to be re-adjusted, take them to me for a quick fix. I accept most vision insurance and participate in optical eye care plans.

Call me to request an appointment for a dilated fundus eye exam to test your vision.